The source of our public water along the Panhandle is the aquifer that lies about 25 to 35 feet below the surface and is made up of very porous sand that can and does leach unwanted and unsafe chemicals and elements into our public drinking water source.


They are chemicals and elements like lead, copper, arsenic, boron, aluminum, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizer residue that you and I are ingesting every day.


nearly 50,000 people were potentially exposed to “unsafe” drinking water between 2012 and June 2015 when 64 Florida water systems exceeded the federal limit for lead at 15 ppb.


the biggest hole in drinking water safety is unregulated chemicals and at least 12 microbes that can cause illness and are not being tested because the EPA doesn’t call for them and are greatly lobbied against when proponents call for more testing.


all of us need to lobby our federal, state and local government representatives for more stringent standards in chemicals and microbes that are being allowed into our drinking water.

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