the city was in its 18th day of trying to control the odor and related taste issues

“Health effects can occur when surface scums or waters containing high levels of algal toxins are swallowed, come in contact with skin, or when airborne droplets containing toxins are inhaled. The most common symptom from exposure to algal toxins is skin irritation with onset occurring after direct contact with the water,” the web post states.

This refers to water in ponds, lakes and rivers to which people might be exposed while swimming, boating, water skiing or jet skiing. It is not referring to water treated and sent to households and businesses, Jacobsen said.

“This is an aesthetic issue, not a matter of the water being unsafe to drink. There’s a big difference,”

there is a lot that goes into making water safe to drink – an issue that’s becoming a bigger and bigger one in parts of the United States and across the globe.